He produces results quickly!! Thanks to Ryan's tailored approach I have increased my muscle tone and strength while losing weight. I feel and look better and am more motivated than ever. . Great coach, excellent motivator, personalized approach and excellent results. I can't say enough about Ryan Lord and his Elite Fitness Program.“

~Jerry, Age 36

"I've been working with Ryan for almost a year and I've seen fantastic results!  I've taken his HIIT fitness classes and joined his weight loss challenge group. I finally decided to join his one-on-one coaching. He designed a custom fitness and nutrition plan that helped me build strength and cardio endurance, while also losing weight.  The accountability he provides has made all the difference."

-Sarah, Age 33

 “Since working with Ryan my pant size has gone from a 38 waist to a 34 waist in just several short months. I have lost over 40 pounds of fat as well and have started noticing stronger leaner muscle definition that I have not seen since my early twenties. Ryan Lord has helped me improve my health, my endurance, and my body image with giving me the confidence to believe in myself.“

~Michael, Age 32

" I am very pleased with the results from the Ryan Lord Elite Fitness program. I have not only lost weight and dropped inches off my waist but once I reached my goal weight he developed a program to build lean muscle. Ryan Lord Elite Fitness designed all meal plans  and workout plans tailored to my needs. Because of Ryan's awesome software program I can access my meal plans and workouts from my phone. Ryan's accountability program keeps him in constant contact with me to ensure everything is working well and if I have any questions. His programs are challenging but also varying which keeps me motivated and interested in reaching my goals."

- Steven, Age 30

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