Online 1-on-1 Personal Training

I get it! You're so busy! Trust me I've been in your shoes. With 2 very young boys 17 months apart and 2 parents who work full time,  the thought of getting the kids in the car and rushing to the gym for your scheduled training session is just not feasible. But you already paid an arm and a leg to meet with someone 2-3x a week.

That's why I created the 1-on-1 Online Training program. This type of training fits to your schedule on your time with the ability to train anywhere at any time with your own personalized program. You will be able to access workouts and meal plans from the comfort of your palm. Each exercise will have example videos and explanations to ensure correct functional movement.

The real benefit is in it's extreme affordability. Do you remember that trainer you were rushing to meet so you didn't have to forfeit an $80 session? Yea! Forget that! A typical personal trainer can cost between 500-600 dollars for 2-3 sessions a week for 1 month. My 1-on-1 training programs come at fraction of the cost!

Personalized Programs for PERSONALIZED RESULTS!

Your typical gym and online programs want to hand out the same old cookie cutter training packages to each person who is willing to give them money, just because it’s easier that way and more cost effective for them. It's on auto pilot.  But their missing the biggest point, YOU!

You're not the same as every single person walking into the gym wanting to lose weight or gain lean muscle. You might want to lose weight but just had knee surgery so certain exercises from the program that everyone else receives won't work for you. Or you have high stress in your life or little to no time to work out or prep your meals for the week. Then what? You're back to square one. Figuring it out on your own.

Everyone has their own unique health and fitness needs and Coach Ryan will help you determine what areas should be balanced and worked on in order to live your life at the healthiest level! RL Elite Fitness does not believe in “quick fixes.” Real, lasting results take time. Ryan teaches you to understand your body and encourages you to learn what works for youand what doesn't. Thus, in the end, allowing you to carry those principles with you for the rest of your life. We use real, proven principles to help you build a strong foundation of personal health so you can live the best life you can!

It all starts with a 1:1 coaching call with Coach Ryan to discuss your unique starting point. YES, you will be talking to an actual Personal Trainer about your very own goals, habits, strengths and  weaknesses all used to determine the right starting point and plan for you.


Who should consider online personal training? Someone who:

  • Wants to learn the habits and build skills they need for self motivation
  • Is committed to changing their own life but needs the path to success
  • Feels like they are struggling or at a plateau and needs coaching to bust through the roadblocks 
  • Has trouble sticking to a plan long-term and needs the accountability

Here's where you benefit:

  • Accountability – Someone constantly pushing you and committed to you everyday
  • Support - Designated 1:1 Coaching times with Coach Ryan  that are geared to focus solely on how to adjust your personalized plan  
  • Confidence – Get in control of your health and fitness lifestyle
  • Convenient – Take your workouts with you anywhere with 24/7 access and train on YOUR time. 



Let's be real. We all want to save a buck but also want to change our lives. In realty you shouldn't put a price on investing in your health but why not invest with a lower budget and still receive huge return? In-person training can cost hundreds of dollars an hour for two or three sessions per week. This can add up quickly! But online training packages are a fraction of the cost of in-person training, for the same level of expertise and guidance in your personal health journey.


Let’s face it. We all live busy lives. Most of us are parents working 40 or more hours a week and it’s hard to commit to a regularly  scheduled meeting with your personal trainer. But with an online training regimen, you can train whenever and wherever you like! You don’t need to work around your trainer’s schedule, and you don’t need to reschedule anything! If you want to get in touch or schedule a 1:1 coaching call, schedule on your time, not your trainers.


Your individualized program and plans are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So no matter when you want to work out, your program will be there to guide you. Do you want to exercise at a gym? Go ahead. How about at home with your own equipment? That’s fine too. On a trip away from your regular routine but still want to get some exercise in? That’s great! No matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing, your program is there for you.


Online training is best and only way to get the trainer you need regardless of location.  Every trainer has their own coaching style, methodology, education and experiences. While one trainer may work for your friend, you may need an entirely different type of trainer.   

My programs have helped people like you all over the world attain the health and fitness level they’ve always wanted, and so I designed RL Elite Fitness as an online personal training platform. Every business has changed because of the internet, and health is no different.

This is the next revolutionary idea in fitness, because it takes down many of the barriers between you and your optimal health. And because of this, we’re now working with people from all over the world, helping people just like you take control of their lives and their health!

Check out the RL Elite Training Packages Below and Submit your Application today!


You're confident that you can guide yourself but need the right plan that tells you exactly what to do and how to do it.

  • 30 min 1:1 Goal setting call
  • 20 min coaching call monthly
  • Personalized Macro-nutrient Portion/Calorie control guide based on your goals
  • 6 months of workouts
  • 6 Month Access to RL Elite Platform
  • Weekly e-mail, message support during hours


Paid in full Save ($100)

"Let's Do This"

You need some more guidance on your journey so you would like some extra 1:1 one time with coach to help you crush goals and bust through plateaus and roadblocks. You will also receive personalized training and meal plans based on your macro-nutrient guide with your individualized plan.

  •   30 min 1:1 jumpstart coaching call
  •  20 min coaching call  2 x month
  •  6 month Personalized Meal Plan
  •  6 month Personalized Training Routine ( with video)
  • Access to RL Elite Platform
  • Weekly e-mail, message support 24/7


Paid in full Save ($220)

"Road Map to Success"

You  know you need to make changes to your lifestyle but have no idea where to start. You need a coach with you every step of the way paving the road to success.  Recieve 1:1 coaching calls 4 x a month with weekly habits to keep you crushing goals each week. Personalized meal plans and calorie breakdowns of each macro-nutrient. Individualized diet guideline for each meal of the day.

  • 30 min 1:1 jump-start coaching call
  •  20 min coaching call  4 x month
  •  6 month Personalized Meal Plan (telling you exactly what and how much to eat at every meal)
  •  6 month Personalized Training Routine ( with video)
  • Personalized weekly habits to crush goals
  • Access to RL Elite Platform
  • Weekly e-mail, message support 24/7


Paid in full Save ($382)

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